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About us

 MG 5068-Edit-Edit-Edit-InternetMr.Todor Mangarov Law office is a full service law company, providing a full range of legal services in the fields of the penal, civil and administrative law.

We have been created in order to provide quality  legal assistance for solving of any business or personal issue you may encounter. At Mr.Todor Mangarov Law office we have helped hundreds of clients throughout the country to seek compensation after serious accidents, address real estate and land use issues, protect their rights and minimize exposure to adverse criminal penalties.

The company has been founded by Mr. Todor Mangarov, a dedicated lawyer with eighteen years legal background in solving of various legal disputes.

We offer a free consultation and you always can get professional help from an experienced lawyer, who will help you for resolving of your problem. If you need professional legal help, please call or email us a brief description of your problem. We will call you back as soon as possible.


TM Legal Consulting Ltd

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